We are a venture that operates in the capital markets providing services in:

1- Market Analysis
2- Long Term Investing
3- Derivative Trading
4- Developing Trading Strategies
5- Creating Educational Content.

1- Market Analysis:
We assess the current market scenario based on both fundamental and technical factors along with integrating the probabilities of possible market movements in a certain period of time, improving the odds in our favor.

2- Long Term Investing:
We assess companies’ which are financially sound, complemented by a good economic moat, to invest in the same. We use the short term profits earned from trading to make long term investments, which compounds over time.

3- Derivative Trading:
Our trading works in a simple way: Assessing the market support and resistance levels, post which we write options outside the range of movement. Time decay of options works in our favor, resulting in a consistent stream of income over time.

4- Developing Trading Strategies:
We develop probability models for options trading. We deploy this weekly, for trading in derivatives to earn short term profits.

5- Creating Educational Content:
We simplify learning in finance and educate people with current scenarios and concepts of finance through various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.