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Our story

Optionables was started by 3 friends during their college days in 2017. They have been curious and enthusiastic about the stock markets from their school days. If not for these enthu cutlet boys, their classmates would be goofing around instead of doing stock market related assignments. 

Initially they started off by managing their classmates savings, a total of Rs 25,000. Over the years, Optionables has grown into a bigger firm with more investments. 

We are registered as an LLP and work as a proprietary trading firm managing partners funds. We trade in major markets across India. 

Using our market experience, we prudently manage risk and drive our business forward. 

Our aim is to:

– Compound consistently and grow over time.

– Educate people about stock market and break the taboo of investing being misunderstood to gambling. 

– Simplify and educate people on stock market concepts and finance concepts through various media platforms including Podcasts, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.